Big Data & Product Analytics

Understand your site and app users to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, ads, content and products.

Actionable Data Insights

We help product, marketing and growth teams increase conversions, engagement and retention.

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Data strategy and implementation

We build a sustainable and comprehensive data strategy which is really relevant for your business objectives. We create a measurement strategy based on proper tracking implementation and actionable insight analyses. We use tag management, custom codes and data layers to collect data sources from all of your digital products and platforms.
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Data collection and management

In order to understand how your users behave, we need to collect the right data (custom attributes, events, goals), and be sure that data is accurately measured and segmented. We integrate data from multiple sources to have ongoing cross-device and cross-product user tracking get a complete picture of user behavior in your digital products.
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Data analysis and insights

We utilize behavioral analysis to see how users are interacting with your websites, apps, content, and campaigns. We will identify all important trends and patterns, try to understand why those trends are happening, and find out why users will likely engage, retain and convert.The goal is to understand what is working well, and what is lagging behind.
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Reporting and visualization

We build and automate real-time, interactive reports and dashboards in order to visualize how users are interacting with your digital assets and which digital touchpoints are really giving value to your business.
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Data intelligence and activation

When we analyze and interpret data, we advise how to upgrade digital products, uncover user pain points, improve conversion rates, optimize digital campaigns spend, reduce churn and identify and activate high-value user segments. The goal is to make smarter marketing and product decisions based on actionable data insights.
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User journey phases with matching analytics areas

We provide advanced user behavior analytics across the whole journey, from initial exposure to the brand ads/content to user interactions with digital products, and beyond.



Marketing/growth analytics

User activation

Product analytics



Life-time value analytics

We can

Track product data and metrics in collaborative analytics platforms
Understand how customers engage with your campaigns, content, web and mobile apps.
Get meaningful insights into what is and isn't working and deeply analyses user experience and behavior on ongoing basis.
Track important success metrics and make better, data-driven decisions that will drive real results.
Transform your business by suggesting improvements for your digital campaigns, content , mobile and web apps
Tech stack
Google tag manager Google analytics Data studio Firebase Amplitude Big Query Mixpanel Segment

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